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Surf Lessons
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Surf Lessons

Individual and Group surf instruction at
world-renowned beaches on the scenic Monterey Peninsula

Our Lessons are

The Best in Monterey

Any group size and all experience levels are welcome. Multi-day discounts available.

- Individual Lessons

Included in every Lesson:

- 2 hours guided and supervised instruction
- Professional Grade / Top-of-the-Line 5/4mm wetsuits
- Comfort-fit booties
- Profession Grade surfboard and leash (wide variety to suit all experience levels)
- Gloves and hoods available upon request
- Life jackets for young children if requested
- Sunscreen if you need it
- An experience you will never forget!

Individual Lessons

Private Lesson


One-on-one instruction customized to accelerate the student’s ability to comprehend and apply the fundamentals of surfing. Those who select this option should find that they leave with a complete understanding of optimal position, paddling, and pop up. Instruction includes a demonstration on the beach, followed by student practice time on the water. After completing their first lesson, participants should be able to rent or purchase equipment and surf with confidence. Additional lessons are usually needed to learn advanced techniques such as wave selection, optimal entry points, turning, tricking and duck diving. Knowledge of surfer etiquette, board selection, reading surf reports and oceanography will also be discussed. The faster students learn, the more they can be taught during the lesson!

($25 off multi-day discount)

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Master Class


This option is like the private lesson, but with a few extra perks. The length has been extended to 3 hours instead of 2. Students will ride multiple boards during their lesson and will receive priority during scheduling (certain time windows each day are more likely to produce quality waves). Students will have the option of having drone video taken of them surfing towards the end of the lesson (depending on availability and weather conditions).

Advanced instruction for surfers who want to take the next step.
Expert-level boards and personalized instruction.

($25 off multi-day discount)

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Private Group Lessons

Private groups are a great choice for families, couples, or friends to enjoy surfing together. During private group lesson students will receive similar training to our individual private lessons. The focus will be on the fundamentals, as well as knowledge on surfer etiquette and ocean safety. Our lessons begin with a quick demonstration on the beach and practice time. Followed immediately by a long surf session in the waves were students put their beach practice to the test under instructor guidance and supervision. Afterward we will discuss successes and things to think about/work on before taking another lesson. Different discounts are offered based on the number of people in your party.

Private Couple (2)
$175 / person
Private Triple (3)
$150 / person
Private Quad (4)
$125 / person

Join a Group Lesson

$99 / person

Singles and groups of 2-3 looking to save a few bucks have the option of joining a small group lesson. This option is great for newbies and travelers to share their surfing journey with others. Students will be paired with up-to 5 other individuals (max 6 people per class). The instructor will be assisting all attendees as much as possible, however there will be a bit less individual attention than our private lessons. The curriculum will be the same as private group lessons. Must be 18 or older to join a group.

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Big Group (5+)

Extra instructors and more time to catch waves
$99 / person

Our big group option is a wonderful way for large parties to experience surfing and also have access to additional equipment. Additional instructors will be involved to facilitate safety, guidance and supervision. We spend the most amount of time in the water with big group lessons to insure everyone has a chance to ride multiple waves. Any group size can be accommodated. Start times may vary depending on water conditions.

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Corporate Team Building

Prices Vary

Corporate lessons are a great option for team building with a little something for everyone. We will host a variety of activities: surfing, boogie boarding, SUP, smash ball, relay races, beach volley ball matches, bocce ball, kite building. We provide catered lunch (pizza, Thai food, tacos, or poke) and snacks. We do have additional packages that include a day hike, 9 hole golf trip and wine tour in gorgeous Carmel Valley. Reservations must be booked in advance and prices vary based on the number of people and range of activities.

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SurFit Fitness Classes

The SurFit fitness weekly class is designed to get people out of the gym and enjoying functional fitness outdoors. We here at Big Surf love healthy lifestyles and combining mind body and nature all into one. Our classes are for ages 15+. Participates can expect a 2-3 hour class that varies week to week. Activities will include: surfing, beach yoga, surfboard yoga, stand up paddle boarding, dune climbs, paddle tug of war, stretching, body weight exercises, group relays, and HIIT workouts.

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Budget Surf Lessons

We offer Budget Surf Lessons occasionally at a reduced price for locals (~2 hours around Monterey). Join our email list to be notified when we're having a surf sesh!

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Whether it's your first time or you're eager to improve your skills,
Big Sur Surf Lessons will accomodate your learning needs!

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